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October 13, 2012 / Assembly for Climate Justice

People’s Assembly on Climate Justice: Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline Flow Reversal

December 1, 2012 : 10AM-2PM at Tolpuddle Housing Co-op, 380 Adelaide Street N., London, Ont.

The environmental justice movement is fighting the expansion of the tar sands pipeline network. Let’s gather to plan action against the oil industry’s pipeline project in this region – the Enbridge Line 9 flow reversal, a part of the Trailbreaker project to export oil off the Atlantic coast. Lunch will be provided at a noon-hour “bite at the banks”.

The assembly will investigate and discuss three topics in regards to Enbridge Line 9: its financing, its impact on the Indigenous community, and the political decision-making process.

Financing Sesssion
Without cash from shareholders and capital loans from financial institutions, Enbridge wouldn’t have the opportunity to move forward with projects like the Trailbreaker or the Northern Gateway. This session will explore how we can target financial infrastructure to stall the capital of the climate crisis.

Indigenous Solidarity Session
Climate change threatens indigenous lifestyles globally, which is reason enough to stop a new tar sands pipeline project. Tar sands expansion is affecting the Athabasca Chipewyan and the Mikisew Cree in Alberta, and Six Nations and Aamjiwnaang in Ontario. This session examines how the Line 9 flow reversal could negatively affect these communities, and how we can act in solidarity to mitigate colonialism.

National Energy Board Session
The NEB seemed to ignore climate change in its approval decision, while short-cutting its usual obscure processes. The board refused to consider the project as a portion of the Trailbreaker, despite Enbridge’s express statement that it wanted to reverse all of Line 9. The NEB session questions how an approval could be granted in the presence of evidence that Enbridge is irresponsible and unreliable. Discussion may include alternative governance models and methods to influence the oil debate.

Assembly Schedule
10am – Presentations on Enbridge Line 9: Finance, Indigenous Solidarity, and Energy decision-making
11am – Bite at the Banks planning (in session breakout groups)
Noon – Bite at the Banks
1pm – Future action planning: Reconvene for sessions (finance, indigenous solidarity, and NEB) to plan specific targeted actions

To help organize, endorse, or register for the event, contact Registration is optional. Organizers are welcome to plan for additional speakers, setup, advertising, cooking, and other needs.
Endorsed by: Climate Justice London


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