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Climate justice resources

Activist networks

Locally, there’s a group called Climate Justice London.

If you’re looking for national and international organizations that do climate justice work, we encourage you to decide for yourself which of them are contributing to the cause.

Other local groups you might want to look into are Environmental Justice Toronto,
Climate Justice Ottawa, and Climate Justice Montreal.

Information sources

Rising Tide North America posts updates through Facebook and Twitter.

There is some material on the Canadians for Emergency Action on Climate Change blog

The Climate Justice Links blog is maintained from London.

On the Climate & Capitalism web site there are ongoing posts from a Canadian eco-socialist.


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  1. Cortney K. Dakin / Dec 5 2010 11:22 pm


    This weekend the People’s Assembly was a source of excitement and offered an opportunity for reflection on the obstacles, effort and struggle of the Climate Justice movement. We know we have a role in this changing world yet can only continue to better understand of what it consists and why it is so important. Active participation of this kind enables us to reclaim ourselves as subjects and redefine how we are moved by experiences and can share this movement with each other to continue cultivating community. This grassroots movement is not a part of us that disperses when we leave a gathering and go home for the evening. It resonates within how we need to live and what we are becoming as our resistance builds momentum. The revolution is happening when we act as if it is. Yet, this is but the beginning! Can you feel it?

    If you can, you may want to have…

    A Bite At The Banks!

    Friday, Dec. 10th come publicly discuss how banks are a fundamental part of the exploitive capitalist system that is destroying our planet and how we can contribute to fundamental change. In particular, RBC is the main financier of the Albertan Tar Sands, from which we demand they withdraw their support immediately.

    Also, there will now be a Food Not Bombs this Friday! Yay! This is a free meal that is made from food that would otherwise have been wasted and will be distributed on the street in front of RBC. This means there will be plenty of food for those who don’t have the time or resources to contribute.

    There are a number of ways you can get involved in this weeks activity:

    Thursday, Dec. 9th
    – We will be meeting Thursday at 6:30pm at the Coffee Culture on Dundas (across from the central library) to finalize our plans for A Bite At The Banks.

    Friday, Dec. 10th
    – If you would like to help prepare Food Not Bombs, please meet at 2:30pm outside Erin’s house at 123 King St. (across from the Covent Garden Market).
    – We will then meet upstairs at the Market at 5:30pm and go over to RBC (at the corner of king and richmond) together at 6:00pm where we will reclaim the space and distribute food and information.
    – Feel free to bring any banners, literature, music, games, food or other fun you see fit!

    You can find the event on Facebook:

    Invite your friends!

    In Solidarity,
    Cortney K. Dakin

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